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Jiangxi Gaoanshi Ruijiu Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi gaoan Swiss wine co, Ltd is a professional Chinese liquor production and sales enterprises gaoan city, Jiangxi province key enterprise of liquor, the company formerly known as the State-owned enterprise was founded in 1958 in Jiangxi gaoan Brewery (later renamed gaoan, Jiangxi red wine Group Corporation), the company is located in gaoan city high road No. 226. Enterprises with registered capital of 4.8 million Yuan, covers an area of 150 acres. Existing employed 280 employees (including senior management staff of 5 people, technical personnel 40 people). Enterprise development through their own efforts, becoming high taxpayer, as countries make a greater contribution to society.

main products of the company "Swiss card" series of liquor. products for the midrange, resist the position. Red wine was 90, won the "Jiangxi famous" and "Jiangxi famous brand" title, and lead in liquor-making industry in the province through ISO009002 international quality assurance system certification, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision "key protection products" , products sales network all over the province as a whole. The Group enterprises are key liquor enterprise in Jiangxi province.


Adhere to market demand-led,sincerity for marketing and customer service, is willing to work with the whole society together and make greater contributions to national economic construction, create new future of liquor.

Jiangxi gaoan city wine limited             phone: 0795-5281138
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