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Jiangxi Huashuo Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

新版uedJiangxi Huashuo ceramic group limited Yu 2010 by Huashuo group investment built, as group its real estate, and construction, and material three big industry project important part, Enterprise since invment ceramic project up, insisted to high standards, and high specifications, and high of purposes to build, in line of hardware input aspects, company completely according to currently domestic most advanced of line of set to configuration; in production technology team construction aspects, The company's production management and technology research and development staff are hired key personnel of domestic ceramic enterprises, the sales team is made up of elites with years of experience, excellent team structure allows enterprises to achieve perfect production and sales system.

On October 1, 2014, at a time when global Chinese celebrate the 65 anniversary of the birthday of the motherland, Huashuo ceramics in Jiangxi Group's "Golden Butler ceramics" hand famous presenters, performers, actor Wang gang, a teacher at the national level, collaborates, together to create gold Steward Road of high-end brands. Wang gang and out of quality and style, to the brand's couture products add a touch of bright color.


Product structure-rich, has developed and produced a polished tile series, Quan Ping glaze, 9 Carat Diamond series, thick white, porcelain series series, grinding grain, and white 9 Carat Diamond series, ceramic ? stone and throwing a 59 degree stone products, complete product structure, product color variety, can fully meet the needs of all consumers.

"Huashuo quality rock" is the Huashuo people's pursuit for quality and commitment to society. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, quality first, in effect for the deposit, take pride in your factory" development path, pragmatic, steady and enterprising ideas to create and operate businesses, global attention to the creation and development of the brand, becoming an excellent enterprise with high sense of social responsibility.

Huashuo Jiangxi Ceramics Holdings Limited             phone: 400-133-0550
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