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Ceramic production area in Guangdong province recently, what happened?

Qatar, and South Africa to Foshan, "both entertainment"

"Along the way" strategy, Qatar, and South Africa and other countries along the enterprises "going out" brings new opportunities. The afternoon of May 23, "along the way" emerging markets Qatar South Africa market promotion fair held in Foshan, Qatar, and South Africa project representatives to manufacturing in Foshan, "both entertainment." Foshan ceramics, lighting industry market, and hopes that through competitive differentiation "go".


"The Foshan ceramics, furniture, hardware, building materials products in Qatar welcome, welcome enterprises to Qatar to develop new markets and investments. "The State of Qatar Consulate-General in Guangzhou Ali·jianimu·hajili business overtures. He said to promote enterprises in Qatar business enterprise of Foshan in Qatar commercial activities can enjoy the relevant tax policies.


South Africa, Hong Kong and Macau General Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Chairman, and South Africa fly Stratton Holdings Limited Chairman Wu Shaokang shared enterprise of Foshan in South Africa market faces huge opportunities and potential markets.


Foshan enterprises "going out" needs, two major events on the Conference site for referrals. November 15-18th, by the Ministry of Commerce, China international economic and technological Exchange Center, Qatar industry and Commerce jointly organized the second Qatar China exhibition will be held, showcasing products made in China to the Middle East and African countries. Exhibitions range from construction works, mechanical and electrical products, energy saving products, home furniture, exhibition area of 10000 square meters. In addition, in November 2016 9-12th, 2016 South Africa China (Guangdong) fair will be in South Africa in the South and Exhibition Centre, the exhibition range includes building materials, architectural hardware, furniture, lighting, and other fields.


"Manufacturing in Foshan in South Africa is very popular, Foshan enterprises should be further in the future South Africa brand in the market. "South Africa fly Stratton Holdings Limited is 2016 South Africa China (Guangdong) fair organizers, Wu Shaokang says the show will be" short-term exhibition + products + online promotion for a long time "mode, long-term help enterprises of Foshan in South Africa brand and open up the market.

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